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Albin Fredy

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Albin Fredy

Albin Ljungqvist, more commonly known as Albin Fredy, is a Swedish singer and songwriter based in Denmark. He studied at the Ballet Academy in Gothenburg and was the show captain at Wallmans Circus before becoming a freelance artist.

Albin has participated twice in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. In 2013, he participated with the song “Beautiful to Me”. He returned to the contest in 2018, where he finished third in the superfinal with “Music for the Road”. | Find out more about this artist and others like them at

Eurojury is the flagship broadcast of Showcase, celebrating the music of the Eurovision Song Contest with juries of up to 180 entertainment industry professionals. Rob Lilley has hosted the televised event since the fourth edition in 2016, succeeding Josh Dubovie and Linda Martin during the show's time as a radio broadcast. Eurojury is known for producing an accurate simulation of the results likely to be seen at the Eurovision Song Contest in May and is often used by bookmakers and broadcasters as a guide and prediction of the grand final result.

Denmark at the Eurovision Song Contest

Denmark debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1957 alongside Austria and the United Kingdom. To date Denmark has won the contest on three occasions, the first being in 1963 when Grethe & Jorgen Ingmann performed “Dansevise”. Denmark won the contest again in 2000 represented by the Olsen Brothers, their most recent victory came in 2013 when Emmelie de Forest performed “Only Teardrops”. Denmark failed to qualify for the final of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2015 and 2016. | Find out more about this artist and others like them at

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