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Eamonn Toal

Eamonn Toal is an Irish singer who graduated from the Bel Canto School of Music in Dublin. In 1990 he momentarily moved to London to pursue his music career before returning to Ireland a few years later.

In 1995 he provided backing vocals for the Irish entry of the contest that year called “Dreamin'” by Eddie Friel. The song broke Ireland three-year winning streak at the contest eventually finishing in 14th place.

Later Eamonn won the right to represent Ireland as the lead artist in the year 2000. He performed his song “Millennium of Love” to commemorate the new millennium and eventually finished in 6th place. His entry was the best result for Ireland since the full introduction of televoting was introduced in 1998 and hasn’t been bettered since. | Find out more about this artist and others like them at

Eurojury is the flagship broadcast of Showcase, celebrating the music of the Eurovision Song Contest with juries of up to 180 entertainment industry professionals. Rob Lilley has hosted the televised event since the fourth edition in 2016, succeeding Josh Dubovie and Linda Martin during the show's time as a radio broadcast. Eurojury is known for producing an accurate simulation of the results likely to be seen at the Eurovision Song Contest in May and is often used by bookmakers and broadcasters as a guide and prediction of the grand final result.

Ireland at the Eurovision Song Contest

Ireland debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1965 and is currently the most successful country to have participated in the contest, winning a total of seven times. During the 1990’s Ireland was a powerhouse in the contest becoming the first country to win three years in a row from 1992 to 1994. Since 2000 Ireland has struggled in the contest having qualified from the semi-final into the final just six out of a possible 13 times. Ireland’s last top 10 result came in 2011 when Jedward finished 8th in Dusseldorf. | Find out more about this artist and others like them at

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