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Kenneth Giles

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Kenneth Giles

Kenneth Giles is a creative director as well as choreographer and performer based in Ireland. He has worked in various TV and theatre productions in Ireland as well as the UK and Canada.

As the owner of Labelled Creative as well as Eclipse Stage School, ShowChoir Ireland and Pop On Down, he has many credentials within the entertainment industry. He recently choreographed a Lion King themed flashmob dance in Dundrum Town Centre in anticipation of the release of the 2019 remake of the original Lion King film.

In the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, Kenneth was one of Ireland’s five professional jury members making up half the points from Ireland in the competition. In both the first semi final and the grand final, Kenneth awarded Cyprus with their song “Fuego” top marks which lead to Cyprus earning Ireland’s jury 12 points in both events. | Find out more about this artist and others like them at

Eurojury is the flagship broadcast of Showcase, celebrating the music of the Eurovision Song Contest with juries of up to 180 entertainment industry professionals. Rob Lilley has hosted the televised event since the fourth edition in 2016, succeeding Josh Dubovie and Linda Martin during the show's time as a radio broadcast. Eurojury is known for producing an accurate simulation of the results likely to be seen at the Eurovision Song Contest in May and is often used by bookmakers and broadcasters as a guide and prediction of the grand final result.

Ireland at the Eurovision Song Contest

Ireland debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1965 and is currently the most successful country to have participated in the contest, winning a total of seven times. During the 1990’s Ireland was a powerhouse in the contest becoming the first country to win three years in a row from 1992 to 1994. Since 2000 Ireland has struggled in the contest having qualified from the semi-final into the final just six out of a possible 13 times. Ireland’s last top 10 result came in 2011 when Jedward finished 8th in Dusseldorf. | Find out more about this artist and others like them at

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