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The Fizz

The Fizz are a band formed of members Cheryl Baker, Jay Aston and Mike Nolan. The group is a spin off of original group Bucks Fizz, with which all three current members of The Fizz were previously a part of. As Bucks Fizz, alongside fellow band member Bobby G, they won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1981 with their song “Making Your Mind Up”. This was the United Kingdom’s fourth win at the competition.

The Fizz were formed in 2004, originally titled “The Original Bucks Fizz”, this was to differentiate between this band and the first band Bucks Fizz with which original member Bobby G had continued in with brand new members. When the brand finally rebranded to “The Fizz” in 2017 they released their album “The F-Z of Pop” which featured four singles. They followed this album up with two further releases, with “Christmas with the Fizz” released in 2018 and “Smoke and Mirrors” released in March this year. | Find out more about this artist and others like them at

Eurojury is the flagship broadcast of Showcase, celebrating the music of the Eurovision Song Contest with juries of up to 180 entertainment industry professionals. Rob Lilley has hosted the televised event since the fourth edition in 2016, succeeding Josh Dubovie and Linda Martin during the show's time as a radio broadcast. Eurojury is known for producing an accurate simulation of the results likely to be seen at the Eurovision Song Contest in May and is often used by bookmakers and broadcasters as a guide and prediction of the grand final result.

United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest

The United Kingdom debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1957 and holds the record for the most consecutive appearances in the contest. To date the UK has won the contest a total of five times, with their first victory coming in 1967 and their latest in 1997. The UK holds the record for the most second place finishes in the contest, having been runner-up a total of 15 times. Since 2000 the UK has finished within the top 10 only twice, this being in 2002 with Jessica Garlick and in 2009 with Jade Ewen. | Find out more about this artist and others like them at

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